Blizzard Bag 10th Grade

     BLIZZARD BAG 10th

      Visit the link (provided for you below) called "Opposing View Points." Choose one of the five topics listed below.  Click on your chosen topic in the long list of topics on the screen.  Your mission is to find one article that is pro and one that is con for the topic you have chosen.  You will want to have a focus within the topic.  This way both of your articles are dealing with the same aspects of your topic; however, they will be of opposing view points.  Then, by clicking on article response, answer the questions provided.  You should include a copy of each article chosen.  When completed, share the articles and answers with me.  Remember, you need to create a new copy of the document and rename it with your name.  Otherwise, your answers will appear on Google Docs for everyone to see.

Potential Topics
1)  Animal Experimentation 
2)  Banned Books
3)  Drilling for Oil
4)  Homework
5)  School Uniforms

Opposing View Points

Article Response

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